Lovin’ Sam, The Sheik of Alabam

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composition date
Milton Ager
Jack Yellen
related performer(s)
Sophie Tucker

Paying off the sheriff

Jack Yellen remembered, “Milton Ager and I finally became our own publishers because we couldn’t get a break with other publishers. We scraped together a few thousand dollars and rented a couple of rooms in a dilapidated building on Broadway. We were almost broke when Max Winslow, professional manager for Waterson, Berlin, and Snyder, phoned me to send over a copy of ‘Lovin’ Sam’ to his office. He wouldn’t tell me what he wanted it for. About two weeks later we heard that Grace Hayes had gone into The Bunch and Judy, an Otto Harbach-Jerome Kern show, and was a riot with ‘Lovin’ Sam’ in a cabaret scene. We paid off the sheriff and were in business.”

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