Time After Time

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composition date
Jule Styne
Sammy Cahn
related performer(s)
Frank Sinatra

Jule Styne on “Time After Time”

When I write music I hear the orchestra, I don’t hear a piano. I play piano orchestrally, too. I hear the brass, I hear the woodwind. George Gershwin made a sound at the piano that he learned from a player piano he heard on the corner. He was playing the orchestra all the time. He felt more than he knew and that’s a wonderful thing. Feelings is the whole ball game. If you don’t have feelings you can’t compose you can’t sing. You can act feelings. I think that when Sinatra in the ’40s sang I think he was getting feelings that he hasn’t got. He was falling in love when he sang, he was talking to somebody. He just didn’t sing the words. He was inside the song. Sinatra always made the song his song. He took that song. 

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