It's De-Lovely

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Cole Porter

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Sometimes there are conflicting stories surrounding Porter songs. “Night and Day” was written while Cole was on vacation in Morocco, after hearing a muezzin calling the faithful to worship. Or maybe Porter wrote it at the Ritz Carlton and finished the lyrics on the beach at Newport. Porter told both stories so take your pick. Another double story concerns “De-Lovely.” One story goes that Porter, his wife, Linda, and Monty Wooley caught their first look at Rio de Janeiro. Porter said, ”It’s delightful!” Linda responded,  “It’s delicious!” and Wooley opined,  “It’s de-lovely!” Or perhaps Porter wrote the show while cruising to the South Seas with author Moss Hart, working on the show Jubilee. Either way, “It’s De-Lovely” was rejected for the film Born to Dance so Porter took it to Broadway, where it became a hit as sung by Ethel Merman and Bob Hope in the 1936 show Red, Hot and Blue!

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