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composition date
Irving Berlin
related performer(s)
Tommy Dorsey

Eight of ours for one of theirs

Tommy Dorsey wrote in the June 1938 Metronome, “We were playing a theatre in Philly once upon a time, and there was a colored band playing the same show called the Sunset Royal Serenaders [led by Doc Wheeler]. They had this arrangement of ‘Marie’ and all of us in the band liked it; in fact, after a couple of days we all knew it by heart. I figured that we could do more with it than they could, and so I traded them about eight of our arrangements for one of theirs.

“The funny part of it is that I tried to get Eli Oberstein to let us record it. Eli couldn’t see it, and so I tried it out on our studio audience after one of our commercials. It went over so big that I tried it out on the program. We got so many requests that we had to repeat it the next week. It was then that Oberstein let us record it.” The song was a huge hit for Victor.

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