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Jule Styne
C. Cohn
Ned Miller

I'll give you a date if you play this song in the club

Jule Styne: "I go to Florida for the Arnold Johnson big band to arrange and play the piano. And while I’m there I went walking on the beach down in Hollywood, Florida, with this very pretty seventeen-year-old girl. I was seventeen too. I just walk around humming parts of ‘Sunday.’ She said, ‘What is that? I bet you made that up’ (What an expression, ‘made that up’). She said, ‘I’ll give you a date tomorrow night if you play this song in the club tonight.’ Adolph Deutsch was the other arranger and he helped me finish it up for that night.

“It was the first song of its time every written with a 2/4 1/8, ¼ and 1/8 note tied over to the next bar. That’s a two-beat Dixieland song. It’s almost my biggest standard to this day. Someone every year plays it.

“Then I was playing at the club that night. In the audience is Jolson and Irving Caesar, they’re down in Florida playing golf. Irving Caesar comes up to me and says, ‘I’m a lyric writer. What’s that song you’re playing?’ I said, ‘I wrote it.’ ‘I want to put lyrics to it. I’ll get back to you.’"

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