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Snooky Lanson and company sing “Heart of My Heart” (music and lyric by Ben Ryan, 1926) on the TV program Your Hit Parade in 1953. Your Hit Parade was a radio, then television program sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes in which a regular cast of singers would perform the top billboard hits of the week. One of the challenges, when certain songs inexplicably stayed on top for week after week, was to come up with novel interpretations of a song that audiences had heard endlessly before. This Caveman version, which predated the Flintstones, is an example of how far the show’s cast and creators were willing to go to give an old song a new twist.

“Heart of My Hearts” was a really old song, mostly sung by barbershop quartets, when it was rediscovered and recorded by The Four Aces on Decca Records in 1953 and went to #7 on Billboard. A subsequent version recorded that same year by Don Cornell, Alan Dale, and Johnny Desmond also hit the charts; hence, its repeated appearance on Your Hit Parade.

  • 1953
  • Performance: Snooky Lanson and company sing
  • Performance Type: TV
  • Performance Venue: Your Hit Parade
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