The Roy Bishop and Harold Jacobs Collection

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Valley Village, CA

Roy Bishop writes:
“My love affair with Alice Faye began at the ‘ripe’ age of nine years old after seeing her in Tin Pan Alley in a Salt Lake City theater. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty, warmth, and that deep, sultry singing voice. I started collecting everything I could find on her at that time and amassed three large scrapbooks of her memorabilia. Much to my chagrin, she retired from the screen in 1945, and my three scrapbooks were kept in a special place with only occasional additions to them. My love for and interest in her never waned, and I listened to the Phil Harris-Alice Faye radio show, which was very popular during the late 40s and early 50s.

I can’t imagine any other hobby being so much fun.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1959, toting my three scrapbooks, and gradually became acquainted with the movie collectors’ world. I hadn’t realized that so much movie memorabilia from the golden age of Hollywood was still available for a price. I met and became friends with several Faye collectors as well as general movie collectors. I frequented the nostalgia shops in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley looking for Faye items.

I was fortunate to meet Alice Faye in 1947 in Salt Lake City, in 1951 while on vacation in Hollywood, and in 1974 after her performance in the GOOD NEWS stage production in San Francisco. The latter meeting cemented our friendship, and we remained good friends until her death in 1998.

My collection now, I must admit, is quite immense, consisting of an oil painting, portraits, scene stills, candids, lobby cards, posters, pressbooks, sheet music, magazines with Faye covers, postcards, cigarette cards, clippings (all sizes), LPs, tapes, CDs, 16mm films, VCR tapes, laser disks, DVDs, (and three scrapbooks)!”

Harold Jacobs writes:
“I took piano lessons as a child and began listening to the hit parade and going to sheet music stores in the 1950s. Harry Carroll, the composer of ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,’ lived next door and autographed a copy of the music for me when I was in my teens.

In the early 1960s, I purchased a wonderful 2-LP set on the Monmouth Evergreen label titled ‘Through The Years’ which introduced me to the music of Vincent Youmans. The booklet that came with it contained photographs of the original covers of some of his songs. I was disappointed to find that current copies of these songs in the music stores had plain covers, so I thought there was no way to obtain the originals.

In 1976, I began going to local paper shows and, discovering that they featured a lot of old sheet music, I caught the collecting bug. Since then I have had many wonderful opportunities to add to my collection and am delighted to say that I now have the original printings of every song that Youmans wrote, mostly in mint condition. Moreover, my collection now includes almost all of the music written for movies and shows from 1920 to 1960!

In the process of acquiring it, I joined the National Sheet Music Society and eventually became its president, making many wonderful friends along the way. Among them have been Doris Fisher, the composer of such hits as ‘Put The Blame On Mame’ and ‘You Always Hurt The One You Love,’ many well-known musicians and, of course, Michael Feinstein. I can’t imagine any other hobby being so much fun.”

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